24th March

Navrachana University, Vadodara

Begins In

‘Inspirational ideas and creativity have no limits, no boundaries and cannot be confined within a box.’ We always talk about creativity, about ideas as to ‘Thinking out of the box’, but do we ever settle down to think where the actual limitations of great ideas, of great creativity, of great changes lie? One can bring a change in the society, when one can push himself/herself out of his/her comfort zones or as they say their own ‘Boxes’. ‘Box’ is a tool for measurement of one’s own limitation. However, the question lies, ‘How do we know what are those boundaries? How do we know where the box is imagined to be? Are those ideas to be confined within a box? ‘Where’s the box?’ suits perfectly for the speakers at the TEDxNuv 2019. As they are ‘The Changemakers’ of the society who asked us ‘Where is the box?’. Changemakers of the society don’t cater to any limitations when it comes to their ideas and creativity. They are humans who have the will and determination to bring in life changing ideas which help the society and bring about a change in their respective fields. They are the ones who crush the restrictions and challenges and ask ‘Where is the box?’



From: March 24, 2019


Email: tedx@nuv.ac.in